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test equipment and good house-keeping solutions for the cutting fluid industry for MW5 and the Offshore and Merchant ship sectors for chemical dosing, testing of engines,  equipment, effluent, water and fuel and all aspects of MLC 2006.




coolantmixer_004Quality coolant and sump management products & Test accessories from our one-stop shop! for MW5 compliance


Tektrak offer’s the most effective Industrial Fluid Management Solutions in the Metal Cutting Industry today, moving with the times is a must in the very competitive global cutting industry, our solutions offer both technical excellence and value-for-money comprehensive product range.

Our range of products covers all aspects of cutting fluid control, testing and monitoring includes coolant pumps,  RBS dipslide and MBC control products for MW5 compliance. Buy Dipslides Now – go to our SHOPfast delivery Only £8.40/Box!

Coolant products include coolant recovery pumps, coolant transfer, swarf suction guns and blow guns, pH papers, hardness testing, PERA IP test materials, chlorides, refractometers, all products to assist with sump management and the elimination of bacteria and smells in sumps.

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Dipslides & MBC Control Coolant Testing Coolant mixing, transfer & sump deodorisation Tramp oil Removal Oil Spill and Cleanup Products IP Test Materials (PERA) IP287 & IP125 SWARF, PARTICLE OR DUST REMOVAL

Marine Test Kits and Equipment

Test Kits for the Shipping Industry

potable water test kitsShip and Marine Installation Test Kits & equipment & dispensing pumps for drinking water, engines, boilers and systems on board ship. Electronic, manual, fully automated and semi-automated dosing and monitoring systems.

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