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since 1992

EOC – Metalworking fluids and industrial oils – working to MW5




Dipslides & MBC Control Coolant Testing Coolant mixing, transfer & sump deodorisation Tramp oil Removal Oil Spill and Cleanup Products IP Test Materials (PERA) IP287 & IP125 SWARF, PARTICLE OR DUST REMOVAL

working with you to comply with MW5 & regulations surrounding and affecting the metalworking industry – for legislation update visit   



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Supply, Service, planned maintenance

Metalworking fluids
Pressing, drawing and forming fluids
Site management packages
Oil and chemical cleaning
Oil maintenance products

Industries Served – Aerospace – Automotive – Engineering

Cutting Fluids & Industrial oil Products

Grinding Fluids
Neat Oils
Synthetic and Semi-synthetic Oils
Soluble Metal Working Fluids
Slideway Oils
Hydraulic Oils including fire-resistant
Extreme Pressure Additives
Machine Sterilisers
Anti-foaming agents

Full machine – shop maintenance programme with on-site technical support and service
Complete site oil package
Life Cycle Assessment (A standardised method used to assess your product(s) or process(es) environmental performance and generate improvements to efficiency).
Environmental best practice programmes for your machine shops.
Training to achieve an internationally recognised environmental management system, ISO14001
Project management (project planning and control).
Checking and establishing environmental legislative compliance. (Determine environmental legal responsibilities; identification and implementation of any changes necessary to conform to legal and best industry standards).

Buy online coolant accessories and equipment  from the Tektrak® Website


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Dipslides & MBC Control Coolant Testing Coolant mixing, transfer & sump deodorisation Tramp oil Removal Oil Spill and Cleanup Products IP Test Materials (PERA) IP287 & IP125 SWARF, PARTICLE OR DUST REMOVAL

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