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Water Treatment & L8

Glacier supplies Industrial Water Treatments for all Water treatment applications for Boiler, Cooling Water, Industrial Cooling Towers, Spas, Pools, Dentistry Hygiene &  Environmental Consultancy & L8 Guidance

Products & Services

    • Lab accessories and testing equipment for industrial and drinking water, dipslides, chlorine,  hardness tests.  Full water test kits
    • Leading Legionella consultancy, Risk Assessments, schematics and expertise in Dentistry hygiene
    • Wastewater treatment and consultancy
    • Cooling Water and Towers treatment including refurbishment and all aspects of L8
    • Legionella bacterial prevention programmes – Legionnaires’ Disease, prevention, control and testing.
    • Cooling Tower Risk Assessments under L8
    • Water Source Analysis
    • Process Water Recycling and analysis
    • Chemical treatment, scale inhibitors, biocide packages, rust inhibitors.
    • Boiler Water Treatment and Service
    • ISO 14001 Consultation
    • Water management for improved efficiency (water source analysis and water use audits)
    • ISO 14001 Consultation (in association with the university of Gloucestershire).
    • Training to achieve an internationally recognised environmental management system, ISO14001
    • Project management (project planning and control).
    • Checking and establishing environmental legislative compliance. (Determine environmental legal responsibilities; identification and implementation of any changes necessary to conform to legal and best industry standards).
    • surveys, schematics & reports we also offer independent site testing for legionella.

Glacier offers a dedicated and thorough service for the Prevention and Contol of Legionnaires’ Disease, our advice will be expert, specific and practical.

Industrial Products

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