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Aluminium Packaging – Bottles and Extruded Jars from BWT Aluminium

Aluminium Bottle & Extrusion Packaging, Safe, Strong, re-cycleable, UN Approved


Flavourings, Chemicals, Essential Oils, Fragrances, Essences, Essential Oils, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Agrochemicals, Spices, Aromotherapy, Pharmaceutical, Brewing, Foods, Cartridge Applications, Petrochemicals, Ingredients, Military, Labraboratory Sampling, Component Storage, Water bottles

Many heavy duty industrial applications.

Bottle sizes from 38ml – 6250ml

Aluminium bottles and jars (or cans)  in a range of sizes. High spec for essential oils, fragrances flavours and finished products including food and drink products.

Aluminium Packaging has been supplied by Bayer-Wood Technologies since 1992, our industrial range of products offer a fast professional, competitive, product and service direct to industry. Aluminium is lightweight, easily recycled and it also offers superior barrier qualities and a bright finish, thus making it the ideal material for the production of bottles for numerous applications sizes range from small bottles 38 ml up to 6250 ml.

Aluminium packaging solution for a range of applications

A sustainable choice of packaging

Fracture-proof, seamless aluminium bottles and jars,  sealed from a rolled aluminium thread to original seals.[/feat_text]

UN Approved packaging, Robust for storage, shipment and presentation of precious items.

Benefits and options:


Rolled thread for screw stoppers
Plastic threaded ring for pilfer-proof closure
Tamper-proof seal and screw closure
Plastic screw closure and locking ring
Flex-spout closure system
38 ml – 6250 ml
Food approval internal coating
UN Approved


Sizes from 120ml – 6 Ltr
Ringpull or seamed lids
Optional poly lids, pull on pull off, multi colours

Printing available for all products

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bulbSustainability, Ethics and Environmental responsibility Summary of manufacture of our Aluminium Bottles and Containers

Sustainability This bottle has a manufacturing and recycling footprint which is consistent, high-quality, sustainable aluminum and as such helps to curb the plastics epidemic and shape a sustainable world with an environmentally friendly product you can enjoy.  Closed-loop recycling means that the bottle manufacturer takes back as much of its customers’ aluminum scrap as possible, turning it back into the same product again. Closing the loop preserves the value of the alloy, reduces recycling and transportation costs, minimizes environmental impact and establishes a secure supply chain with a low carbon solution for post-consumer recycling.  By re-using this bottle the recyclability is enhanced.  Environment  We encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.  Ethics  We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights including all forms of forced and compulsory labour, child labour and discrimination

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