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Marine Chemicals

Marine Sector


Aquamarine Chemical Products for Ships


Ship technical chemical products and suport &  onboard maintenance products worldwide.  We have developed  a one-stop full range of products for Merchant Ships(bulk,cargo,tanker, LPG, container, aggregate, etc), Ferries, Cruise, Military ships and  Offshore Rigs & installations.


Aquamarine Direct for Yachts & Leisurecraft

Direct sales of all aspects of marine maintenance and cleaning  for Yachts, Boats, Leisurecraft, Superyachts andsmall marine craft


Infection Control and Hygiene on board

Food Hygiene (1)

  • Marine Infection Control  (Norovirus, MRSA, Legionella etc)
  • Dedicated range of products and services Shipsan® for hygiene on board ship.
  • Water Safety Plans
  • Most advanced product for infection control
  • Super-chlorination using the spray method