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Aluminium Bottles

Aluminium Bottle Packaging, Safe, Strong, re-cycleable, UN Approved

Offers closure options and sizes from 75ml – 20 Litre

Aluminium bottles in a range of sizes. High spec for essential oils, fragrances flavours and finished products

Aluminium Packaging has been supplied by Bayer-Wood Technologies since 1992, our industrial range of products offer a fast professional, competitive, product and service direct to industry.

Aluminium is lightweight, easily recycled and it also offers superior barrier qualities and a bright finish, thus making it the ideal material for the production of bottles for numerous applications sizes range from small bottles 75ml up to 20 litres.

Our bottles provide a solution for a range of applications—from packaging of essential oils, fragrances and flavours to United Nations-approved packaging (UN) —in several sizes and coating configurations.

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Benefits and options:

  • Rolled thread for screw stoppers
  • Plastic threaded ring for pilfer-proof closure
  • Tamper-proof seal and screw closure
  • Plastic screw closure and locking ring
  • Flex-spout closure system
  • 75ml – 20 litre
  • UN Approved

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