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Aluminium Packaging Bottles and Extrusions from BWT Aluminium

Aluminium Bottle & Extrusion Packaging, Safe, Strong, re-cycleable, UN Approved

Bottle sizes from 38ml – 6250ml

Aluminium bottles in a range of sizes. High spec for essential oils, fragrances flavours and finished products

Aluminium Packaging has been supplied by Bayer-Wood Technologies since 1992, our industrial range of products offer a fast professional, competitive, product and service direct to industry.

Aluminium is lightweight, easily recycled and it also offers superior barrier qualities and a bright finish, thus making it the ideal material for the production of bottles for numerous applications sizes range from small bottles 38 ml up to 6250 ml.

Aluminium bottle solution for a range of applications

      • Flavours
      • Chemicals
      • Essential oils
      • Fragrances
      • Cosmetics
      • Agrochemicals
      • Spices
      • Aromatherapy
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Cartridge applications
Aluminium Cartridge

UN Approved packaging, Robust for storage, shipment and presentation of precious items.

Benefits and options:

Aluminium Extrusion
            • Rolled thread for screw stoppers
            • Plastic threaded ring for pilfer-proof closure
            • Tamper-proof seal and screw closure
            • Plastic screw closure and locking ring
            • Flex-spout closure system
            • 38 ml – 6250 ml
            • UN Approved

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